Thursday, January 8, 2015

Return to the great freeze

This is were I was on Tuesday afternoon. 82°F Eating a sandwich with my parents enjoying the sun, wind and waves. It was glorious. 

Now I'm home in Philadelphia.
And it's cold.
Really cold.
Really (insert favorite explative here) cold!
It was 10°F when I woke up and now at almost noon it is still only 18°F. It's even too cold for Jacques. He went out for about 15 minutes. But now we are all snuggled up on the bed together.
And of course, all did not go well while I was away. There is even more couch damage, and Jacques peed all over my mattress.  Thank god for blow up mattresses! Project #1 for the new year is to buy a new mattress. Project #2 will be to cover the couch with velvet that I have flying around and see how that goes. Or that will be project #3, and project #2 will be to make a scratching post. I haven't decided yet. Project #0 is convincing myself to get out of bed where it is nice and warm. 

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