Monday, December 29, 2014

Biting off more than I can chew - part 3

Ta Daaaaah! 
Okay, it's not quite finished. I still need to put the "gimp" around the edges to hide the ugly staples. I need to sew miles and miles of welting so that I can make pillow cases, then I have to sew the pillow cases - and then I have to finish the back. Then... I have to sit on it.
I haven't had a chance yet. I am pretty nervous that the fabric (at the edges) is not strong enough to support people weight. Even though I used hundreds of staples.  

I have loads of iPad video - all stuck on the iPad. I still can't figure out how to get it off of there. I need to do this soon though because it is clogging all of the memory. The full extent of work will be shown there. 

I do have stills of some of the in-progress work such as stabilizing the left arm of the couch. It was seriously wobbly. So I followed instructions from the fabulous upholstery book and glued it all back together again. Clamped it overnight. Voil√°! All good. 

Other than that the couch felt pretty good. The springs were still pretty tight. So I decided against re-stringing them. With Pedro's help we just applied another layer of webbing. I hope I did this right. Unfortunately it is a little bit visible in the front. After putting on the gimp - I'll see what I can do about that.
 Over the webbing I put this black stuff - it's feels like a synthetic of some kind, either a soft tyvek, or a pellon or something. Anyway, it's very smooth and I decided I should cover up that nice heavy burlap the cats love to claw so much. I hope it protects it. 

Then it was time to flip it back over and start the covering process.  

I had a lot of help:

Jacques made sure the old scraps didn't run off:

I think his favorite duty was testing the new cotton for softness:
Definitely approved.

 Sometimes the Supervisor/Inspector naps on the job.  

It's almost like they think it's their throne. Jacques didn't waste a minute settling down to enjoy the new fabric.   
 Swee'pea has also become acquainted with the new couch.
Swee'pea and I checked that the size of the old pillows is okay. They still fit so I am going to just take one of these apart and use it as a pattern for new covers. 
  All in all, I think the new couch meets with everyone's approval - so far. As I mentioned at the beginning, I have not sat on it yet. We do know it holds kitties, but I am a little anxious that it might not hold humans. We'll see...

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