Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Biting off more than I can chew - part 2

Here is where we stand now.  It took a while for me to cave into hauling the "saw-horses" up from the basement. But I must say they have saved my back a bit. All of the fabric has been removed - the white and gold paint has been stripped and removed.  
A beautiful walnut stain has been applied. A polyurethane finish will be applied tomorrow. I ran around today - (yes today!) getting the last bits of upholstery notions needed. I wound up at Katz's Upholstery supply and procured the last of the bits  - cotton (12lbs) burlap (5yrds), webbing (10yrds), and two things I know I need from online videos I found but have no idea what they are called.  
When I started I had this insane notion I'd be able to finish by Christmas (tomorrow!) HA! Right now, I'll be happy if this is finished by the time I return to work in mid-January. But it is fun - I'm excited to see it finished. 

The kitties have been most helpful and are excellent inspectors: 
 Here Swee'pea holds down that rogue fabric.

Jacques inspects the almost bare frame:

And of course the boys had to help while the work was happening. 
I am sorry that parts of this video are so boring. The cats show up at about the 45 second marker.  I cannot seem to import the videos from my iPad into iMovie in order to edit. I'm not sure what the problem is. Also all of the people who could help are on vacation (like I am!) so at some point I may be able to edit all of these crazy videos. I am actually documenting most of what I'm doing.  Maybe I can put together a "full length" feature (of the good stuff) of my adventure. Should make about a 5minute film.

In the meantime - happy Christmas everyone!


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