Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Love Day everyone! I hope you are a having as beautiful day as we are!  After our nasty stormy day yesterday and our nasty stormy night, we woke up to beautiful sunshine. Really gorgeous. It was a relatively warm day as well, so by the time I had dragged myself out of bed and down stairs (at 11am) most of what was left on my sidewalks was slush. That made it much easier than the day before to clean.  
Unfortunately, I then finished up Valentine's I was planning on taking to the post office - well, which I DID take to the post office - only to find that they had closed early. Closed due to inclement weather. I looked up the word inclement - today was not inclement weather. It was about 42 degrees outside, bright blue sky, no inclement weather in sight. But it is Valentine's Day, a Friday, and Monday is a holiday.... so I'll bet someone saw some inclement weather somewhere. Ahem. Needless to say, all of your Valentine's (which - ok - wouldn't have arrived on time anyway - but would have been postmarked!) are sitting on my kitchen table and will be mailed next week. 
Getting these finished by Valentine's Day was quite a coup. I've been really sick and in bed since Wednesday.  I should have been in bed on Tuesday - but there was teaching to be done. I'm not really sure what I taught, but I was there for the whole six hours. 
I did drag myself out of bed on Thursday to shovel the sidewalks. Probably gave myself a bit of a relapse too. But since everything was shut down and there were not so many people out yet tromping down all the snow into nice compact layer of ice, I decided I should get rid of it while it was still relatively easy. 
There was aLOT of snow and the novelty of this shoveling business is really wearing off. 
And because I was sick my Pedro was extra nice to me. He made a special trip on Wednesday just to bring me cough drops, ginger and to pick up my mortgage check and mail it.  He surprised me with roses too - what a sweetie!

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