Sunday, December 8, 2013


Good Morning!
I'm in beautiful western Massachusetts picking up the work from my show.  It is currently 20°F outside. So. Really cold.
And we are going to go for a walk back there in that brush. It's hunting season so we will be donning a lot of neon and such. But then we will hit the Appalachian Trail which is also back there - no hunting allowed. 

Continuing the catch up posts:  In September...
I was in the mad throws of making work for my upcoming solo show at my friend Melanie's Gallery in North Adams, MA. It was  a busy September to say the least. 
Things were fine in the garden: 
Morning Glories like crazy.

The Nasturtiums were especially prolific this year. 
And, I think might have mentioned, the sunflowers were gorgeous. 

In the middle of September, an artist I met in Korea (back in 2008) Hanne Matthiesen, was in New York for a show of a cooperative she participates in: Art Money.  Pedro and I took the Megabus up for the day.    
This is the way to travel! Cheap and quick all the way into Manhattan. 
First we headed over to Hanne's show:  
The Art Money project is where artists make currency.  Each piece, no matter the status of the artist, is valued at 200 Danish Kroner, about $37. There are requirements such as size, signatures, numbering etc. And apparently the founder has made arrangements with some businesses in Denmark who will accept this as money.  More information can be found here:  
There was quite a crowd in the tiny little gallery. It was amazing to see so much work all in one place. We bought two pieces. 
After we left we tried to go to the Guggenheim to see an exhibit. But there was a huge line and we had to get back to the bus. But it was a really fun day.

Hanne came and stayed with me for the following week. We had fun showing her around Philadelphia and Hanne had some relaxing time sitting in the papazan on the porch.  We introduced her to some very American things including (vegetarian) Philly Cheese Steak. This, of course, required a more thorough introduction to what Cheez Whiz is:  being the good book artist that she is, she promptly started writing with the stuff!
This has to be the first can of this stuff I've ever bought. 

Then it was time to focus focus focus on my art show: 

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ihanne said...

Ahhhhh ja! I really love your porch! Might consider something similar at my new (old!) house... ;-)