Sunday, December 1, 2013


Wow - August - what happened in August? Oh, I did post some things....

So yes, in addition to the things I did post - there were some other things I wanted to post. More sunflowers for one thing:
 The sunflowers were unbelievable this year. I had so many fresh cut bouquets all the way through October. I'm planning on planting SO many sunflowers next year - I can't wait.

There was also one very confused amaryllis: 

There were some garden guests on the sunflowers:
 Praying Mantises are really cool - they actually turn their heads to watch you. This one camped out on the sunflower by porch for a week or two. I'm not sure what happened to it.

In other news, my farm share was abundant as ever, so I tried my hand a second time watermelon pickles. Way to sweet this time around. But we'll get it right eventually. I also spent considerable time getting ready for my class this fall. I've been teaching the usual book arts class, but I am also teaching the professional practices class for the grad students at my grad alma mater. It's a very small class (only 3) but they are really great. But most of August was taken up by Pedro. We spent a lot of time riding bikes to the river, sitting on the bank, eating yummy stuff and drinking his wine.  Pedro is a wine connoisseur. I've never seen so much wine in one place! It's always good and perfect for whatever the occasion is.

And the other two boys in my life? Oh they are fine, and they like Pedro...

My schedule has been nuts this fall. Two classes and preparing for a solo exhibition at my friend Melanie's Gallery! I pulled out my little 3x5 platten press and printed a bunch of labels for one project:
But... more on the exhibition prep in September.... 

At the moment the project du jour...
new bookshelves up for the artist books - just need to organize a bit further. 

And some progress was made stripping the windows: 

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