Friday, May 10, 2013

Garden update

 Aliums are in full bloom. They are gorgeous this year! It must be all the water they are getting. This spring has been very strange weather wise. We had a lovely 85° day today, but by Sunday it is supposed to be 65°. My roses are barely starting to make an appearance and usually they are in full bloom by now. I guess I shouldn't complain, Minnesota is still getting snow! Ugh. I'll be they are mighty done with that.
The azalea bush I discovered my first year here is also doing just dandy.  It is brilliant white and so many blooms. Maybe because I fed it this year. just maybe. ahem.

 And since Mr. El left and hasn't been back for almost a year. I hope no one will notice that the ugly wall of the house is being covered up with beautiful vines. This is from last year and I'm hoping they will continue to propagate and cover everything. This vine goes bright red in the fall. Lovely. 

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