Thursday, May 9, 2013

5 years

Five years ago today I signed my fingers off to to get the pieces of paper that say that I'm responsible for this house. I can't believe it's been five years. How did that happen? I still feel like I just moved in. I'm still unpacking (a few) boxes, I'm still trying to make it exactly the way I want it! How did five years go by? Well they did and this also means that I've been writing this blog for almost five years as well. That's probably more of a surprise, by all accounts I should have petered out by now. Still going though - because there's still lots to do. (This is a pressure print I did this past weekend at Melanie's press.)

On Tuesday, having toured all of Philadelphia with my Australian guest, and having survived my peer review at school, AND inspired by Karen (of course) - I indulged in a little creativity. I covered some light switches.

The new cover in the studio. An old seed packet. 
My absolute favorite marbled paper - but the Modge Podge made it even darker, so it's hard to see. 
Bathroom switches
The thing I realized though, once I was putting them back on the wall, is they will look better on a colored wall. That's what makes Karen's so stunning - the colored wall behind it. My favorite is the turquoise one for my kitchen on the blue background. So... I guess I 'll be thinking about what color to paint the bathroom.... maybe that green!
But that blue in the kitchen is especially hard to photograph so here is a clear one slightly blown out...
 and here is a slightly blurry picture with better color...
Next time I will cover them with paste paper.

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