Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!
I am back in action - the workplace is still standing - believe it or not. And my house is still standing - but not without it's issues.
The good news is - I have a new tenant! He seems very nice, VERY young (24), but very nice. So that's good. Let's hope it stays that way. He only has a 6 month lease, because it is easier to find a new tenant in June than January, but I do hope he stays a while. It's a pain in the neck looking for someone - and I barely had to do a thing this time!

In the mean time, despite the really cold (well - after 80° - 34° is really cold), I have been outside hanging up laundry and what do I spy? ... 
A piece of aluminum flappin' in the breeze! ugh. 
Which does explain why it is SO cold in the bathroom. That flapping thing is right over the bathroom and next to the window - whoosh!
I also suspect that this has been responsible for why my heater keeps kicking on and making the place super warm - far warmer than last year. My beautiful new Galileo thermometer ( a Christmas gift that I have always wanted but felt was too luxurious to purchase for myself!) says that it is 72 on my second floor!
Anyway - I emailed Andrew who came and took a look and shoved some insulation into and tacked everything back together and said - "yer good teh go!" 
Fine. #1 problem solved. He also took care of the other end, where it looked like it would go flying apart...

And since all things - good or bad - seem to come in threes, there were other things to take care of....
The toilet of Fabulous Bathroom fame, started leaking - I have no idea when - maybe last summer?  And I thought - oh dear, the seal is gone (four years is a bit too soon for that, don't you think?), but anyway - I'll have to fix it. So, yesterday I decided to google how-to-fix-a-toilet-seal. And I found a diy video on you tube and watched it. Yeah, there is a lot of burly-man-power needed for that operation, and since I'm fresh out of burly-man-power, I thought, weeeelllll, maybe I should call the plumber. So I went back to the toilet and it wouldn't flush! humph. turns out the plastic thingy that opens when you flush had broken. So I decided that was a clear indication that I should not deal with this problem. The plumber came today as well and fixed both issues in about 1 hour. I think I should have been a plumber! 
And since all fixing things come in three's - here's the last one - the door to the third floor. 
When the Fabulous Tenants left they told me that over the last few days the door knob had deteriorated. It sounded like at one point one of them couldn't get out of the apartment. So I taped up the door latch-thingy before the new tenant moved in. This week purchased a simple door knob at the hardware store and spent some time today installing it. I don't know why they are such a pain in the neck - but they really are!

At any rate - doorknob installed all is well. Let's hope those are the main three things to be fixed this year! 

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