Sunday, January 13, 2013

Getting things done

The start of the new year means lots of projects. Top priority is the Guild of Book Workers exchange. And then other exchanges. Thank goodness next weekend is a holiday weekend - I can catch up.  But in the meantime... the GBW exchange due today at 3pm.
Theme: secondary colors
Assignment: edition one signature to meet the theme.
The group of signatures ready for binding. 
I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do from the get-go. I wanted to a Coptic style stitch and use the green polka-dotted leather I bought years ago. But I didn't want a skimpy version of a coptic stitch - I wanted something more substantial. So I practiced Keith Smith's Greek Binding and decided - it was a winner! 
Next it was time to prep the boards. This was more work than I'd bargained for. The leather didn't skive well AT ALL. So I had to try to make due with very thick leather. I covered the boards with very magenta paper and then the leather. 
Corners were the worst.  These are tough with very thin skived leather - nevermind the thick stuff. I had to get very inventive. But I got it to work. Voilá!
Then to work on the Greek sewing. I purchased some Chinese Knotting Cord from my favorite local beading store in shocking Magenta (to match the paper of course). Sewing things together was another matter entirely. Some the the sections were very thick so I had to juggle signature, spacers and thread with every stitch. I ended up even bending needles in the middle so that it would be easier to sew this whole thing.  
All Done! - on one side.  
 Both Sides:
And the finishing touch - getting the book to close. I decided to let the materials dictate what should be. I pulled out my Chinese Knotting book and made a button knot and the chord to hold it together. 
And I made the deadline by the skin of my teeth. The paste downs were still wet. I had to immediately hand it over to GBW so that it could go on display in Boston. I won't see it again until the fall when it will be at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I really wish I wouldn't have procrastinated so much on this binding so that I could spend a little bit of time with it. Ah well. It will come back to me some day.  

In other news - I finished Daddy's socks! within a month of Christmas! He says he has received them so now I need to wait and hear what the verdict is. I hope they fit well.
 The full sock.
 The toe.
 The heel.

AND today I finally managed to get my 2013 calendar put together. There is a wonderful group of people who make downloadable calendars at So I did and added cute pictures of my kitties. All done.  Happy me.


Katitch said...

Ah - I love the book! That's a different kind of binding from the type I learn't, which I suppose was the kiddy way xD
It's really lovely, You're so artistic and inspirational!

tara said...

Thanks Katitch! I'm glad you like the book. :) The instructions for this binding can be found in one of Keith Smith's books. (I can't remember which one! yikes - need to go back to the library to check). If you are interested book binding - his books are a great place to start.