Saturday, June 16, 2012


Poor Swee'pea - such temptation. Swee'pea is my yarn thief. It doesn't matter what I'm knitting, and how briefly I look the other way - Swee'pea has a sixth sense for these things and will be there in a flash to steal the yarn from under me.
 So today when I went through the stash looking for appropriate yarn for two baby sweaters, I wondered what he would do with such overwhelming temptation. It seems it was a bit too much for him.
 All he could do was stare at the riches laid out before him.
But in the end he got his wish... 
I got up to get a glass of water - when I came back - the ball of yarn had been pilfered. Thank goodness I got there quickly, otherwise there might have been string all over the living room.
I'm half way done with this little number. It will get some ladybugs on it before it's finished.


Katitch said...

I would like to ask a question... Is there anything you're NOT good at!? Cooking, art, knitting, gardening, and the list goes on!
I have a Tortoiseshell cat but she is completely lazy and not fascinated by anything. Also, I've always wanted to try knitting, it seems fun.

tara said...

Hi Katitch - Thanks for your comment! :) And of course there is stuff I'm not good at - I just don't talk about it ;).
Knitting is great fun - I learned when I was a kid - but didn't get really good at it until my 30's - when I moved here to Philadelphia. It's too hot to knit in California. It would be easy for you to learn as there are many wonderful online tuturials and videos. Also - check out Huge community of knitters from around the world. Have fun! Besides - it sounds like you have the perfect cat for it.