Saturday, June 30, 2012

keepin' cool

It is hot. 

I finally caved and installed the window air conditioners. It was quite a chore. I had splurged and bought a new (quiet) one for the bedroom. It only took two hours to figure out how to get it in the window so that it wouldn't tip out again. Mostly because it was so hot - I couldn't think straight. But now that it is there - it is heavenly. It is so much quieter than the old one. Lovely. As these things usually work out - it only took 10 minutes to install the unit in the living room much to Swee'pea's relief. It didn't take him long to spread out right in front of the cool air. Jacques, on the other hand is not happy about the air conditioners. I'm not sure what it is about them that he doesn't like. He has been wilting around the place as much as Swee'pea, but he doesn't like the coolness, or the air or maybe even the noise? Not sure what. At any rate he hides in the bathroom under the vanity when the things are on. 

 And since it is too hot to do much of anything... I stayed inside and finished the second sweater. The one sweater has ladybug buttons and the blue one has elephant buttons. I love this pattern - it's a 5 hour baby sweater. Very quick and so cute. 

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