Sunday, June 20, 2010

The things you notice - because of your Dad...

New Pennies are being minted! For reals! This would have just been some mundane fact had it not been for my dad. My dad collects coins. Pennies too. He gave me one of those penny collecting books when I was about 9. We had lots of conversations about pennies, which years were hard to come by because of the war, shortages of copper, and the change in the design. I remember asking him if it was hard getting used to switching from the wheat stalks penny to the Lincoln Memorial penny. Thinking at the time that I would never EVER experience such madness as redesigning money. I mailed one of the new ones to my dad for fathers day - he seemed excited about it.
Thank you Daddy for teaching me to pay attention to the details of life. Happy Father's Day!

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