Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jeff's back! Fixing the dormers on the 3rd floor

Well wouldja lookit that! (Compare the left one with the right one). The left one has brand new aluminum capping on it, the right one is still the rotten wood. I've got to see if Jeff will paint the blue stripes back on there - of if he'll let me do that on Friday while the scaffolding is still up. I'm pretty sure I still have some of the paint in the basement.
Jeff talked me into the aluminum siding. He said it would be less expensive than wood and the wood just won't last as long anyway. He said I'd have to replace the wood in 10 - 20 years anyway. He's seen that happen on some of the work he did on houses 10 years ago. The wood just doesn't last long enough. "Wood just isn't made the way it used to be" (huh?) Well, lets hope he's right.
Short post because I have to go to work and still put out the spray foam which I forgot to get for him yesterday.

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