Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good Night

It snowed all day. there are now huge drifts in my yard, the juniper is heavy with snow, and the table I forgot to put away has a measurable foot sitting on it, and the snow is heaped up against the windows.
I went to UArts around three to print some things. I was printing on the 6th floor and had a beautiful view of the city. I printed until about 10:30 and then headed home. I was going to - should have- taken the subway, but the snow was so pretty and things didn't seem to be so bad, so I thought I'd walk home, 26 blocks. Around block 18 I started having second thoughts about this. At block 19 a bus passed me as I was walking in the middle of Walnut St (because the sidewalk haven't been plowed yet) when bus passed me. I thought briefly that I should try to flag the next bus down and see if the driver would take pity on me. I dismissed the idea as ludicrous, we're talkin' Philadelphia people here. And as I thought that thought, another bus came up behind me, slowed, doors open and the driver shouted "Where you headed?"
"40th" I shouted back.
"Get in here" he yelled, and without a second thought - I hopped in.
There was another poor soul in red Reebok's, he's also taken pity on. She got out at 38th. I was very glad I didn't have to walk the last 7 blocks, that was the uphill bit. I still had to trudge a few blocks up 40th to get home. Passed another bus that was stuck in the snow. He was only a little bit from my house, so I grabbed some of my rock salt and took it back to the driver. He didn't want the stuff at first - but then accepted it.
I unwound with a kitty on my lap.

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