Sunday, September 27, 2009

A rainy Sunday

It was one of those days...a rainy day.
It just was a light rain but it rained all day long. So what do you do on a day like this? You pick up the cat, and sit where he was sitting, and let him lie, draped across your lap as you knit. I wish that was all I had to do today...

I had to pay the bills, arrange things for the week, appointments, prep for teaching, a little shopping, etc. And I also had to check up on what I did yesterday.

Yesterday I hung my de-humidifier and attached it to the drain. Ahem - yes, rather proud of myself. It doesn't seem like I screwed it up - but only time will tell.
Lee stopped by on Tuesday to check on things, and to look at the situation with the dehumidifier. He talked me through on what he would do to get it to run constantly. I was having to empty the bucket every morning and every evening (which I wasn't doing, of course). So he showed me where he would hang the machine, and where I should put the hose into the drain.
It wasn't that hard. I just got some of that wire stuff from Home Depot with the holes in it. Measured it off. My drain is stainless steel and will hold up to anything, so Lee thought I could probably use that as a prop. I had left over piece of shelf, so I screwed the wiring into the wood and then hung the thing from the joists:
And it holds! Yippee!
While I was working, I had the basement door open to the yard for some fresh air. Jacques had to check on me every once in a while. It's always fun when there is something new to check out, right?
At any rate, I checked on the dehumidifier all day today. There are no funny leaks or drips in any weird places so I'm going to assume everything is working fine. My basement smells a lot better than a month ago that's for sure. Let's hope this does the trick. Unfortunately, Jennifer said that her electricity bill skyrocketed. Sigh. Well, I think I'll run it on high for a few weeks until things really dry out. Then maybe I can set it down lower, or higher - depending on how you look at it.
In between checking on the contraption downstairs, I paid a ton of bills, looked at my finances in general (I'm never going to be rich!), and blocked the red/purple sweater.
Because let's face it - what does a girl-dork do on a rainy day besides knit with the cat? She watches all of the girl-dork best movies ever, The Princes Bride, Willow, and The Labyrinth. And it took all three of those movies to sew the sweater together, knit the collar, and sew up all the loose ends. What do you think? It's a short sleeved sweater, and you can wear the collar up, or down depending. I love it. Especially since I didn't have to buy any yarn for it. I used stuff form my stash! It was a sweater I started two years ago, and decided I didn't like. I was looking on for something cool and found this pattern. Size 11 needles? check. enough yarn? check. style? check. I think I will probably knit this pattern again. It's soOo easy, and quick. I think it took two weeks to make this thing! (that's including the rest of my crazy life). Unfortunately the buttons I chose are a bit too small, I will probably have to get different ones. Oh well.

The rain ended about four in the afternoon. I walked to the drug store and wanted to sit in the yard and read. But that didn't work because there was one little cloud after another that came by and sprinkled my book. I gave up and watched the sunset from my living room window.
I love watching the sun set on clouds.

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