Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Container Store

Before I get to the Container Store - I just wanted to post about the handful of tomatoes I picked this morning. I braved the mosquitoes (or as they say in Australia - the Mozzys) and picked a handful. I think I'll be getting a handful everyday. I'm saving yard work until Monday - so I'll be taking a much better look then - slathered in Buzz-off of course.
Had a fantastic afternoon with Mary and Katie. We went to the Container Store and I told them it would change my life. And I still think this.
First I got a contraption to organize my spices. They weren't too bad, but I couldn't see what I had or where it was:
I bought this marvelous contraption:
Which elevated all of my spices:
The only problem now is that I still can't see what I have! I think I will bring a sharpie up stairs and start labeling the caps. Then I can tell what is what.
I also bought things that will help me economize on space:
Whoohoo - lookit! Twice as much space, and nothing is going to fall off of something else when I pull it out of the cabinet.
And the place which really needed help was my pots and pans cabinet. Look at this disaster!
I sort of gave up pretty quickly on getting this to function well. But now:
Look at that! Whew - all of the over flow utensils are taken care of, sieves are stowed well in pull out drawers, and there is still plenty of room for pots and pans and ... ah, dare I say it - ceramic bowls!
Thanks to Ann for introducing me to this amazing store. My only reservation is that they must have a corner on the plexiglas market. I would say that over 75% of their stuff is plexiglas or lucite (same thing). Easy people - we've only got one planet. Let's use sustainable and biodegradable stuff, shall we? (All the stuff I bought today is wire and glass.)

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