Thursday, October 9, 2008

Puttin' stuff on the walls

Well, here it is, my living room:
I haven't talked about this room much, mostly because there's not much to talk about. I need to do the floors, and take out the "closet" (not pictured). Maybe I need to decide about the fireplace… I decided to put somethings on the walls for now. I put up my dad's drawings here. These are my graduation and two birthday cards. I love them all. PS: this wall will probably come down at some point. My kitchen is behind it. (birthday 2007)

graduation (2005)
(birthday 2005)

In my bedroom I put the prints Anne-Maree sent me as a house warming gift. We met in Korea at the Seongnam Book Arts Fair, and I think we bonded, even if she is in Australia. She's fantastic and her work is amazing! She's google-able, until I can post a link - which won't be tonight. Anyway - here are the two prints she sent me on my bedroom walls, and closeups.

I also bought a Board Shear on Tuesday! Yippee! This will be a longer post later. Suffice it to say - I bought the board shear from Arnie, (Dustin Hoffman with a comb-over in 20years, and deaf,) and Jonsey, a beautiful Senegalese man, so kind to Arnie. I swear they had mental telepathy going for them.
I bought the thing, they dis-assembled it, got it in my car, and I hauled it back to Philadelphia. Half of it is in my house and the other half is still in my car, because I can't move it by myself. sigh. I will get in in here, and I have to send Arnie a picture of it re-assembled. I don't think he believed that a woman could deal with it. :) He is so sweet! Anyway - the entire saga still to come . . .
PS: The Phillies are playing the Dodgers. I'm hearing a lot of cheering in my neighborhood, this must mean the Phillies are winning. :)

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