Friday, October 3, 2008

Jacques made a friend and solidified an enemy

Yes - on Thursday Jacques made a friend and solidified an enemy:
Remember these two?Thursday is my day off, and it was a relatively cool day, high 65°. :)
So I did laundry and Jacques came outside for a while. He loved it. He still stays in the yard but he loves being outside. His favorite thing to do is take dust baths. He might be part chinchilla. He loves rolling around in it especially until he's not black anymore, sort of a light brownish color - and when I pet him the dust just poofs off of him. At any rate…
Late in the afternoon, I went out to check on him, and there was the black and white kitty in the yard. They did their posturing, and I didn't want to miss it so I didn't get the camera.
First Jacques came over to me and showed off, that he belonged to me. He snuggled up to me, and rubbed himself against me, a real ham (as I've said before). Then, with tail, poofed out, back arched, off he went to intimidate the b&w kitty - who hissed back at him from a foot and a half away. Nothin' scares that kitty. And pretty soon they were "stalking" each other, one would pretend to stalk the other, hoppin' along in the grass and then they would chase each other. :) - I'm so glad Jacques has a friend. However…
Baby Boy - (Miss Mary's (Mr. El's wife's) alpha dog) is not a fan of the cats. Every time Jacques comes out he has a little conniption fit, or as Mr. El put it - he fusses. So Miss Mary and I were talking about the upcoming election, and the VP debate - (sigh) we talked for a long time about everything, the debate, her wacky tenants in the barber shop, racial issues, her grand daughter, etc. and since we were talking, Baby Boy came over to make nice, and then Jacques decided he could be brave and he came over to me.
Then Jacques decided to walk up to the fence, sniff at Baby Boy, and then he reached through the fence an bopped Baby Boy on the nose with his paw! At that point BB had ENOUGH and went ballistic - scared the heck out of Jacques who took off like a shot to hide under the shed. I told Baby Boy is was a good boy - because he was, he didn't bite Jacques paw off like I figured he would have. But it was really only because Miss Mary was there - if she wouldn't have been there - Baby Boy would have lost it much sooner. Well, I hope the dogs never get loose and I hope Jacques learned his lesson.
And since some of you are, maybe, wondering what I thought about the VP debate: oooh, she's hate-ble. She's an idiot. She's only been in office for, "like", five weeks? And she's part of Main Street???!!! What the heck am I??? chopped liver? or did the bar of the lower class just move over six figures?! That woman has NO idea what Main Street is - oh, she so hate-ble, plus she's not going to answer the moderator questions because she doesn't want to ??? elch, yuck - what is she going to do when she has to really answer real questions from her constituency!!!??? is she going to say to the voters, "I'm not going to answer that question because I don't want to ???!!! are we really seriously considering this???- she's like the head cheerleader, doin' a heckuva job!(And trust me, I know!) Uch, since I'm about to barf on my computer, I think I'll call it a night.
Good night y'all - may peace and brains prevail.

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