Monday, May 23, 2016

A good visit

My parents were here last week.

and it was a lovely visit. All too short.  Swee'Pea was thrilled there were people to pet him while I was busy cooking and such. 

Ann and I played with paper. 

Lots of Danish woven hearts to be made and figured out.

We also decided to make Yotam Ottolenghi's Clementine and Almond Cake.
If you are an orange and chocolate fan - this is the cake for you! Wow. There was lots of good food to be had. It is really fun to cook for people who enjoy the finer fuel of life.    

And while there were so many wonderful moments the highlight of the visit had to be our trip to Chanticleer. I had heard about these gardens from a friend for many years and then a co-worker said she had gone and I thought it would be the perfect place to visit. We were not disappointed. 
Words simply cannot explain this "pleasure garden."

 An an entire hillside of allium with yellow Adirondack chairs in the distance.

 Daddy and Ann by a fountain.

 Foxglove and Alium in a planter.

 Ann in green chair.

 Lilac blooming.

Planters overflowing.

Planter with baby Robins. 
As I inspected the second gorgeous planter full of sweet pea, mustard greens, rosemary, johnny-jump-ups, succulents, dill, and other flowers I did not know, a noisy birdy darted out from the top of the planter. I had a hunch there was more to it and sure enough there was a nest. Little baby robins. 

Unknown flowers.

Snowball trees.

 White wisteria patio.

Orange color planter.

   Lilly of the Valley.

Pink leaf trees.

After dropping the Parents off at the airport on Saturday I got a whim to go to the Home Depot and work some more on my little garden. What I found so beautiful about the gardens at Chanticleer was that the gardeners used all sorts of plants to create their compositions. Mustard, mustard weeds, lettuce and herbs all figured into compositions to create texture as well as beautiful design. 

I needed a new large planter for tomatoes and while I was at it, I thought a second one couldn't hurt.

 Foxglove, bleeding hearts, petunias and various herbs were also on sale.


The rain which had threatened all week finally came drizzling down. And while Jacques was thrilled that I was outside he kept an eye on things from beneath the garden table where it was safe and dry.

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