Sunday, January 31, 2016

Aunt Lois' socks and Post Storm

The next pair of socks went to Aunt Lois.  I have had this yarn for a very long time. Aunt Lois said she should wear pink and so I thought I should use this yarn to make some socks for her. When I talked with her she said they fit perfectly. HA! Hooray for genes! We all have the same size feet - me and my aunts. :) That sure makes things a lot easier. 

Here in Philadelphia we are still dealing with last weekend's storm. 
If you recall the world was supposed to end last Saturday. Pictures from that Sunday:

My corner of the world was covered with snow
The direction of the wind was obvious:
Again with the wind:
Then there are kitties who are used to freedom who want out!

But in the end, sleeping in a sunbeam inside, is the best: 

with one exception, sleeping in the sun, outside, with the person One owns -

well that is sheer bliss
Today the snow was remarkably less, which was nice considering it was almost 60F°. Still not warm enough to melt the remaining snow. 
Now I'm working on a pair of socks for Aunt Alice. Aunt Lois said that Aunt Alice's kitchen has a yellow theme. Well, then Aunt Alice surely needs a new pair of yellow socks.
Not sure if these are the same yellow, but in the same family surely.
I decided to try something new:
Adding the heel as an "after thought". That's what the pink/purple waste yarn is for anyway. Stay tuned to see how it goes...
In the mean time, it seems Ann is keeping me well equipped to cook anything! :)
My beautiful new Købenstyle cook pot and my even newer espresso maker - red! eeeeeee! How fun is that!? I tell ya - it is really fun when its snowing like crazy outside. 

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