Friday, August 14, 2015

You might be in California if...

You might be in California if by the end of the day it is 98°F and you are burning your bare feet even on the shady parts of the pavement. But when you wake up in the morning it is 68°F and you have to put a sweater on before going outside. If you are early enough you can smell the desert sage coming down from the hills.

You might be in California if the first order of business is to go to El Cholo for dinner: LA Lemonade (the best margharita) and a Taste of History (one of each enchilada, chili relleno, taco, tamale, rice and beans). At least then if you don't make it back before you leave, you've had all your favorites.

You might be in California if on the way to El Cholo you come to an 8 lane, 4 way Stop and everybody knows who's turn it is! (Really! - 8 cars! all going in different directions including left turns! No honking, just polite patience, everyone works together and pays attention. How civilized! I was amaaaaaazed. Its been a long time since I've trusted any other driver to know who's turn it is. I even encountered a pseudo 4-way stop last night by myself. It was a street with a pedestrian trail crossing. As I came to the stop sign to make a left, another car approached opposite. I stopped first and Philly driving anxiety made me clench the wheel - 'cause it was my turn! and what is he gonna do!? In Philly he would have barely slowed and kept going - see 'cause he's going straight.  But here, he didn't even budge, just waited until I had made my turn and then I saw him pull away from stop in the rear view mirror. Amazed, I tell you.

But I digress because...

You might be in California if you meet your new nephew and fall in love...
He is so cute. I mean really cute. Cutter than anything! I might be biased - but I don't care! He just smiles and grins at everyone. He is fascinated by everything. Do not lay him down, he wants to sit up and look at everything and everyone. Shiny objects are of particular fascination. I spent a few hours with him at my sister's last night and she said, "you can just watch the Liam channel for hours, right?" Right. Even though he was a little fussy (gas) he was adorable. We sang some of our old children's songs to him and he finally zonked out. Slept for 20 - 30 minutes and then was up again 100% Liam, smiling and laughing.

I'm going to UCLA this morning to look at a third copy of "my" book. I can't believe I'm still excited about it. It should be interesting because this particular Rare Books Room will not allow you to take anything in. The librarians will give you paper if you need to take notes. Well, all my notes for comparison are in a volume I printed and bound and I need to look at those notes to see how this volume is different. This should be interesting. My dad and I will drive over to Westwood and then be back early afternoon for more time with the Liam. It's shaping up to be a great day!

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