Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rogue Peony

Behind the bee hive last year I noticed an awfully familiar looking plant. It looked just like the peony in the pot I had. When I examined the leaves, sure enough they were exactly the same. I thought, Well, lets let it grow and see what happens next year. I was right! The first peony bloomed today.
 Now, I did not plant this plant, you see. I put those I purchased in pots. I have no idea where this one came from. Probably I've been trying to kill it (by yanking it out every year) since I moved it. I don't know if a peony seeds would take so vigorously.  Thoughts?
Bottom line, no complaints! It smells amazing.  

 While I was trying to photograph it from my "deck" there was a photo bomb. 

Update on my new nephew. 
On Sunday morning he landed in NICU. He was jaundice. For many reasons that I won't go into detail about, this is not really a surprise. But still! This isn't supposed to happen to my nephew! This happens to other people's nephews!

But my nephew looks so groovy here in his blue light not to include this pic my sister sent. :)
 She's been able to stay with him the whole time. Today his bili* count went down enough that they will take him out of the blue lights. If the count remains the same he can go home tomorrow. I'm sure my sister is anxious for that, as are we all!
* I don't know what a bili count is. 

Finally, too cute not include...
My neighbors in their vintage Harley Davidson with side car. 

I heard the bike ('cause its LOUD and you can't help but hear it) and so I glanced out the window. Miss Mary was already stowed in the side car and they were ready to take off. It always takes a while to get that thing started so I had plenty of time to grab my camera and take a photo. Miss Mary doesn't like traveling in the side car much, but Mr. El bought her a helmet with a purple butterfly on it and it sort of makes it tolerable. He's 78 and I'm not sure how old Miss Mary is. But there you are.

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