Sunday, August 10, 2014

mostly sunflowers, but also some other stuff

The sunflowers have arrived...
and they are gorgeous.  
Chinese lanterns are turning orange: 

Something is under the morning glories - a mouse? Something else? 
Whatever it is, it's the most interesting thing in the yard by far. 
Well, with the exception of what I did today. 
The garlic patch as it has grown in after the harvest.  On the left is the tomato plant that is thriving. Behind it is a tomato plant that has mostly died. Sadly. It was a Black Krim. They were unreal! So yummy! I do hope that this thriving plant produces fruit that is just as good. 

The garlic patch;  cleared and being inspected.  
I decided to be pro-active about my mustard greens. I love them so much. But I usually just let the seeds blow all over the yard and what grows grows. I've tried replanting them in more convenient places but they don't like being transplanted. So after conditioning the soil, I picked all the mustard seeds and crumbled them into this new patch. I'm excited to see what happens - to see if my plan works.
I ended up picking far more mustard seeds than I needed. And many of them are still green. But I'm going to pick all these pods and let them dry out. There is no reason I can't have a LOT more of these. They grow like weeds!  
During this maintenance, I came across a rogue tomato. It already has fruit so I hiked it up to a trellis. I'm curious about what it will produce. As far as I'm concerned - one can never have too many tomatoes.  
The garden maintenance was most of the afternoon. This morning I got back to work sewing on another one of those several-years-in-the-making projects.  
I bought this fabric in Los Angeles in the garment district back in the '90s. I've always loved it. In it's first incarnation it was an awful sundress. I mean really awful.  I probably wore it twice before I just couldn't stand the sight of it. 
This time around it is going to be a lovely tailored blouse (I hope). This was similar to the pink one I recently finished in that, I cut it out wrong, had to revisit it, got bored/frustrated and just left it in the cloth stash for a few years.  But now - as long as I can find the right buttons, I think this one is in the bag. Yay! 
Swee'pea is very happy about the sewing madness: 
It means lazy mommy has pulled out piles of cloth and is too distracted to put everything away where it belongs. This makes the perfect little kitty nest. 

But mostly, tonight, my thoughts are with Ann and her family. 
Her father, Carl, passed away last night at the age of 99. Such a kind man, and what an amazing life he lived. My love to you all. 

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