Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Six years, somehow

Six years I have owned my house as of May 9th. I can't believe it's been so long. So much has happened since I moved in. In fact, I forgot the anniversary altogether. I had a fun visit with a good friend of mine. So good, I started this post and then promptly forgot about it.  So here it is, a bit late... As of May 9th the roses had not bloomed yet and I wouldn't be surprised if they were very late this year. They just started this week.

Other notables for my 6th year anniversary: noticing how many things have improved.
The azaleas were nothing but a stump with some very suspicious growth. I left it alone and now I have a three foot tall bush that explodes this white color in the spring.  I love it.

Irises along the side of my house like I've never seen them before. There are so many beautiful ones. 

Jacques still owns the place and shares it reluctantly with Swee'pea. Swee'pea is good company for him. Although I'm sure that is something Jacques would strongly deny.
Melissa patches have exploded and I've made several batches of pesto. It could possibly be the best pesto I've ever had. 

My yard looks so different from when I moved it. So tame! Even though there is still a lot of work to be done. 

Lots of things to be done inside as well. But while the weather is still nice, all I want to do is be outside.

My dad sent me the big scary farriers rasp so I can get to making my own bone folders soon. 

And part of the house directly behind me, finally fell off this week. Always something new...

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