Sunday, July 28, 2013

One morning in July...

The Morning Glories have started blooming.
I'm glad my evil plan of having them hide the ugly-falling-down-house behind me is working out. It makes me so happy to look out the window in the mornings and see these blooming.  I don't really care that they are a weed... they are so much prettier than what is there. 
Speaking of "what is there"... the sunflowers are exploding. The echinaceas are almost finished, but the sunflowers... They are beautiful at the moment. What a luxury to be able to cut some and enjoy them on one' s kitchen table. In the background is the most fragrant bunch of herbs! Turns out- the best way to make a home made bouquet is to add ALL  of the fragrant herbs in one's garden. (especially rosemary).

Some other maintenance work has taken place as well... 
FINALLY some progress on the porch! I sanded a bit more than half of the remaining planks that need water-proofing. Then I stained them:    
I'm not quite finished, but I'm so close! So close... I'll get there soon! 

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