Friday, September 28, 2012

Feeling better

We seem to be feeling better. Thank you for all of your well wishes.
We went to the vet last night and finally saw our favorite vet, Dr. Connor. Dr. Connor decided to give him antibiotics given the bladder infection we went in for on Tuesday and Jacques' weird behavior ever since I brought him home on Wednesday. He was basically walking around like he was drunk, stumbling and swaying and moving very slowly. He had glassy eyes and as it turned out a pretty good fever. He was eating which was a good sign, but then he couldn't jump into his basket. I couldn't tell if he didn't have the strength or if he miss judged the distance. After I told this to Dr. Connor, he thought Jacques might have an inner ear infection and said the antibiotics would help with that as well. 
This morning Jacques is much better. He still couldn't jump up to my bed, but after I pulled him up he was happy to sit next to me and purr loudly until I got up to put food in the bowls. He is still moving slowly and carefully, but he seems more alert and more like himself. Big sigh of relief!
The other vet ran all kinds of tests which were inconclusive - blood tests, sugar tests, some gobbledy gook tests I don't know what for - but I wanted to rule everything out. For a while there was a diabetes scare. But hopefully it was just a scare and all will be well in a few days. Meanwhile Jacques will have to stay in - something he will not be pleased about.

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