Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Envy is a Watermelon

Look Dad - a watermelon with seeds! I got it in my farm share alottment today. And it's huge! It was kind of a pleasant/unpleasant surprise. I just didn't think they would be this big. It's got to be 15lbs. It's not one of the long ones. It's just really big - maybe like a super-sized basketball, if there is such a thing. I wasn't prepared to have to lug this thing, (plus 2 large cantelopes, potatoes, two batches of tomatoes, onions, garlic, eggplant, green peppers, and eggs all the way home by foot). But it was worth it. Sugar sweet. One of the best watermelon's I've had in a long time. Wish you were here!
I'm home again in Philadelphia. It's been a rough re-entry. It was so humid here last week. Today is the first day I turned the air conditioners off. It's been brutal. 

While I was away, Wally worked magic on half of the basement. 
I took these when i got home. By now they are much dryer - although not completely. I'm not sure what the next plan is - but there is still half of the basement to go - so I'll keep you posted.
Of course I've been really home-sick for California since I got back too.
Wish I was here. 

I had a lovely time while I was there. When I got back down to Southern California, my dad, Ann and I watch the Olympics quite a bit but also got some culture under our belts. We spent a day at the LA County Museum of Art. 
We went to see "The Boulder," uh, excuse me, Levitated Mass.  Ahem - I'll just be polite and say the jury is still out for me on this one.
The fact that there is a huge boulder, commissioned 20(?) years ago by LACMA, finally installed over a trench on the grounds of the museum is one thing - but it seems like the work of art was actually the process of getting it to the museum. Roads were shut down, the rock was moved only at night, everyone who lived in a zip code that the boulder had to travel through was given a free pass to the museum to see it... However -  there is very little in the way of an adequate statement about The Work. 
But the view from underneath is something...

We saw lots of other exhibits too and had the most delicious lunch at the new cafe. Sashimi and chocolate mousse could be the perfect lunch everyday.  One of my favorite exhibits were the Mola made by the Kuna Indians of Panama.
The exhibition was exceptionally well organized. In the same space as the Mola were these beautiful pots. It's great when the designers provide context for the designs.  Being a former ceramics person - I always love looking at these kinds of pots. They are just gorgeous.  Funny they are from so far south but are so reminiscent of the North West Coastal Tribes.

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