Saturday, May 19, 2012

Being Supervised

Jacques is an excellent supervisor. Always from the best vantage point. On top of something is best. Here he is on top of three cinder blocks Wally still needs to pick up. This was the perfect place to watch me hang up laundry. It seems to also have the perfect amount of surface area for a 16lb. kitty too. Ahem - there's only a little bit hanging over the side.
 It also has a 360° view and brings me back to the perpetual question of why do cats have to sit on top of things? Especially paper? Anne-Maree's theory is that they know they are then .05mm higher up off the ground. So it explains perfectly why Jacques had to sit on the scrap paper I laid down to catch the drips of paint.
Clearly it's a much higher vantage point to survey One's domain. Especially after One has been supervising One's human paint the columns. An exhausting occupation to be sure.
You can clearly see the corner column here with no paint on it. It now has a least one coat of paint. Then we all got tired and hungry so we gave up. The job will be finished tomorrow.  So that makes 1 1/2 columns that got painted today, a lot of sighing about how much else should be painted (railings, spindles, touch up on columns - all of which will involve sanding and primer), not to mention the actual deck which needs to be wood-filled (all of the holes), stained and water proofed.
 That's going to mean a lot of exhausting hours of supervising!

There is also the issue of the last of the painting I can't get to. I clearly stated that I did not want a patch work job done on my house. 
But after an email exchange - fears were alleviated - that's just a bit more primer. Andrew will be back to put an actual matching coat on.

And what I'd like to get to the most is cleaning up this walkway. It is a mess! 
 Sand everywhere, weeds need to be controlled, bricks and wood scraps need to be pulled out, and I'll probably have to replace the lattice work. I don't actually like the lattice work - so if anyone has suggestions - let me know. 
 The plan right now is to dig up the row of bricks closest to the porch and move them to the other side of the path. A HUGE amount of work - I am aware. However - this is the best patch of sun during the summer. It would be perfect for tomatoes. So I am thinking of putting a bunch of fertilizer down and then planting them. They will have to fight with the raspberries and hollyhocks for space but - I think they can old their own. Well I sure hope so. 

In other garden news - the roses by the deck have bloomed. I can't wait to be able to put Tenant's bicycles back on the porch and replant all of those bulbs!
 The other rogue rose sprig: This one will probably move as well. Maybe I'll plant it by the back of the porch. That would be nice - having roses by the front entrance and then by the back of the porch as well. Hmm - we'll have to see how ambitious I am this summer. 
Finally, look! Baby blueberries!  Last year someone (a raccoon I think) got most of them. Maybe I'll have more luck this year?

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