Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a flurry of activity

Thanksgiving weekend was a quiet one for me. I stayed home, roasted a little chicken and made all the fixin's. It was delicious! Made fab-u-lous gravy, bean casserole, mashed potatoes, collard greens (from my garden) and I can't remember what else. Was delicious. and it was just enough to have left overs, but not enough to get sick of the left overs. Just right. The rest of the weekend I took care of business.
Friday I spent all day working on my shop at etsy.com. You check it out here. There is finally a place to purchase blank journals and notebooks. I will probably also post my artist books there at some point.
Saturday was the day to finish projects which should have been done a long time ago! sigh. I'm trying to get some of these projects off of my list. I'm happy to say that the three I wanted to finish I did. Very happy about that.
1. The doorway to my apartment:
The doorway was a left over project from when Jeff (of the-bathroom-Jeff) was here! That's the back of the wall with the huge beam for book shelves. I just never got around to finishing it. And especially since it was outside and I never saw it except for when I was coming home, it wasn't high on the priority list. But I am thrilled that it is done now. Thank goodness the former owner left me all of his paint in the basement. I didn't even have to buy any!
2. Bedroom ceiling:
before:after:I also finally finished patching and painting the holes that Electrician Lee punched into my bedroom ceiling. There were two of them, those are also about 2 years old. Again, nothing pressing, but annoying when I did notice.
3. The kitchen shelf:
This fell down this summer while I was away. It was because I used the wrong brackets. I thought they would be fine. Nope. If you want a shelf to hang you need to use something solid. So here is my wall (again) before:
Preparation of the garlands before hanging those too:
Swee'pea is very interested in things that come from outdoors. And of course we are at the oral fixation stage of development so he had to chew on the pine needles, swallow, throw the whole lot up, repeat - until all of the pine boughs had been used up. Pea Brain. I don't know about you, but if something makes me throw up - I don't go right back to it.
But success with the shelf was a achieved!
All of this was accomplished in one day (except for the pine garland) and all of it was observed by curious kitties:
In other news, the cookbook is doing very very well. There have been some newspaper articles about it. I did a blog post here about the program at work. We had 53 people attend in the rain! That rates as a success! We are down to 135 books left, so if you haven't purchased yours make sure to do it soon.

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