Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a little more life in the house

I tried. I really did, I tried to get something done this weekend, but it was just too hot. But I did finally manage to change the door knob on my door. Poor Katie lost the keys to my place in December when I was in Hawaii. So that I still only have one key to my door, I decided to keep the deadbolt - and just put a knob on door. Should be fine.
I also checked out a circular saw back in July so that I could tackle this baseboard. So I managed to take the picture this weekend -but not much else.
I have had three batches of collard greens from my garden. Super yummy. Collards are so sweet and tender when they are young and fresh from the garden!
On the other hand, the tomatoes have suffered. Everytime it gets close to time - some damn little squirrel sticks it's claws into the side and chews a great big hole out of the side. I have one ripe one sitting up on the table but I've lost three others. I'm trying out my garlic theory again. Spraying garlic all over the tomatoes. We'll see.
My cousin Rosanna got married this weekend, in Hawaii! Yay! - I couldn't make it to the wedding, but I made her guestbook.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding!
The second caterpillar has come to a tragic end. It attached itself to the cheesecloth, and then on a windy day the rubberband broke - the cheese cloth was on the floor and the cocoon was at the bottom of the jar. It had been looking funny for a while though.
Today I got the full story - some wasp layed an egg inside the poor caterpillar - when it went to pupate - the wasp hatched and at the caterpillar. :(. Poor little guy.

Speaking of poor little guys poor Lucky is still miserable. Here he is not knowing that Jacques is right above him. Lucky doesn't jump up on anything. So it's very easy for Jacques to assert his dominance.
Lucky is just miserable and tells me all about it all the time. I think he would be a great kitty as a one-kitty household. But he can't get used to the other kitties. And they aren't really interested in getting used to him either.

And how about our blasted government getting our credit down-graded. That's got me pretty worked up right now. Grrrr.

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