Monday, June 20, 2011

It's all about food

yeah well, it is. My first CSA, crop share association, came on Saturday! In the first haul we have small red onions, kale, lettuce, parsley, fennel, garlic scapes and cherries. Yum - can't wait to get going with those. I think I will freeze most of the parsley a la basil as in the last post. It works really well. I need to eat the kale very soon. the most interesting challenge will be what to do with the garlic scapes.
From my own garden on Friday I pulled a giant bunch of turnip greens, more raspberries and thyme. It doesn't even look like I made a dent in the turnips. which is good because they were yummy and I think I will take a few more bunches before they become actual turnips.
On Saturday night the three pit bulls next door broke out. The youngest mail who got out first did quite a bit of damage to the garden. Not on purpose, but still. I think the worst is that I lost one of my precious tomato plants. I have been worried since I planted them that something would go wrong and I'd lose them. But if this is all - okay. I really hope it's all. I put them into cages this weekend so that should help. And I really hope those darn dogs don't get out again. It was a little scary. The two boys are fine. They like me, but the little girl - oh boy. She's a piece of work. She's been severely abused - but still. She doesn't like me - fine. But that's not great either.
But at the moment she's not my biggest problem. Its these guys:
ooo how I hate them! ugh! They've invaded my house. They are everywhere - I kill them wipe up with vinegar and they come from the other direction. I think their nest is under the porch somewhere. Once I get that ripped up - I hope i find it and I can get rid of them. If they would just stay in the yard! But then they'd probably eat my tomatoes. Ya just can't win with these suckers.

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