Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Yarn Thief

There he is - The Yarn Thief. This has been the biggest part of the adjustment of having a new kitty - that he is not like Jacques. Jacques couldn't care less about yarn. Every-once-in-a-while he would steel a ball of yarn for two seconds. But with this new little guy -balls of yarn are THE BEST. I haven woken up to this sight many times...And it doesn't matter if it's crummy yarn or very expensive cashmere - it's ALL up for grabs. So what do you do? You wind it all up and start over again. Or you go to IKEA and get new boxes with lids! That is a fantastic thing! This little guy also has fur for days. I've had to vacuum more than ever since he's been here. But he is so sweet! I can't help but love him. He's become very shy. Doesn't want to meet new people. Not interested in going outside. So when Jacques is checking on his yard, Swee'pea is following me around the apartment. Doesn't matter what I'm doing, cleaning, cooking, knitting, folding clothes, taking a shower, Swee'pea is sitting right there with the great big curious eyes that say - "What are you doing!?" What a little sweetie-pie.
In other news - spring is coming. Really. Punxsutawny Phil (The groundhog of authority on the seasonal matters) said spring was around the corner and maybe he's right. Thursday and Friday we had a heatwave. It almost made it to 70° on Friday. But then Saturday it was very very windy and today it didn't break 40°. It's supposed to rain, maybe snow, tonight and probably snow on Tuesday. sigh. I am trying to be patient - but when the little crocuses are starting to poke their little green heads up, you really want them to come out! But you have to say to them - wait wait, not yet! Don't come out yet! It's going to be freezing in a few days. The nice thing is that Amaryllis grow indoors. Mine are beautiful this year. Its so rewarding to have something grow so fast.
My orchids, back on the rain-water diet, are coming up as well. They aren't very exciting at the moment, but they'll get a post once they decide to bloom.
And my other issue is still with me. This poor little guy (okay he's not so little), just wants to be loved. He is so sweet. But he does. not. like. cats. Not at all. I decided to see if he would be able to tolerate my babies. No. way. I opened the door (he was in a harness), Swee'pea jumped down from the sofa back, he snapped at him and Swee'pea lost his mind. Swee'pea turned into a whirling vortex of fur and claws. Got a couple of good swipes at his nose - there was blood - and then came after him as I was trying to drag him out of the apartment and shut the door! It wasn't until Jacques came around the corner and shocked Swee'pea that Swee'pea's attention was diverted and I could drag him out and shut the door. We went down stairs and I wanted to wipe the blood off of his nose, but I think he was embarrassed. He hung his head facing the wall and wouldn't turn around until I made him.
Ugh - these four-legged guys just break your heart. There's no bullshit in them. There's no passive aggressive crap. They are genuine - the way we just want people to be. Unconditional love as long as you feed them and pet them. If only people were so simple.

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