Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Big Aquisition

Isn't it beautiful!?
My very first MAJOR appliance. It's bright red (duh) and spins so fast everything is practically dry when it comes out! I washed four or five loads of laundry this weekend. No dryer - I'm going to stick with my environmentally friendly creed for now... air is free and I'm spending a bundle to blow hot air all over this house, it might as well at least dry my clothes while it's at it.
Jeff came on Friday to look at tightening up the third floor and he did not have good news. First of all he can't come until May and second of all it's going to be pricey. Maybe I have to do one half this year and another half next year. He was not surprised at the washing machine's color. Just said, I new it!
First priority is to get the Raccoon hole plugged. We had crazy rain last Monday and that blew the precariously stapled piece of cardboard off of the hole. I really don't want to have to climb up there again, but I don't think Jeff is going to do it. I think I'll rent a ladder from the tool library and clamber up there myself and do it right. (if I can).
Other than that I haven't done much to the house. I did clean on Friday - that's a good feeling - and good timing. Thank god I'd cleaned the bathroom before Jeff inspected it. That would have been embarrassing.
I tried cleaning up down stairs, I did get out the shop vac for the entrance to the basement, but really - I just feel like I'm moving piles of stuff around the studio. What I really need to do down there is build some floor to ceiling bookshelves/storage thingies. Then I think I can get most things put away.
and PS: did you notice the wierd crop of the image of my new machine? That's because I didn't have the heart to crop out the stained glass window my dad made for me when I was 8 or 9? That should explain the subject matter.