Saturday, August 8, 2009


Anne-Maree came down from New Castle yesterday and we met around noon. So great to see her again! We went off to Chinatown and had the most wonderful bowl of soup and then we went shopping! We went to Paddy's Market and spent about 2 hours at this fabulous Chinese clothing place, trying everything on, and finally making wonderful purchases each. And it was soOo cheap!
After shopping we headed off to the Observatory.
That was really really cool. First there was a 3D show with the most amazing computer graphics. The astronomer was able to grab the universe and tilt it in any direction and zoom in and out - ALL in 3D! It was like being in the thick of it. Then we went out to look at the night sky - he pointed out the Southern Cross, Jupiter, the Scorpion and Sagittarius - according to him, aka the Teapot. Then we went up to look through the two telescopes at the night sky. The 140 year old telescope is still operational, and we looked at Saturn. Wow wow wow. We could see the rings and two or three of the moons. How incredible! Then we went to the super dooper new telescope and looked at Jupiter and the rising moon. What a treat! It was fantastic.
After the observatory, we wen to The Rocks, the oldest part of Sydney for dinner. Steak and potatoes. Yumm.
This morning, under Anne-Maree's guidance I tried Vegemite. It's not bad. :) Vegemite is a very salty spread, make from yeast? Very Australian, and now I can say I've tried it. And yes, I could survive on this.
This morning we're off to the Sydney Opera house today for the tour, the NSW Art Gallery, and Oxford St for more shopping - art stores, galleries, hopefully a wool store, and ???

For Roseanna - "philly charm" is my sarcastic way of describing how rude the Philly natives can be. My other friend describes it as the "Philly kick-and-a-hug," because they kick you 'till your cryin' and then they realize they were too rude, and then, grudgingly, they become very helpful.

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